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Rot Star

Meet the Founder and Owner

Kristin Kozlowski Giambra, is a Philly native who realized how imperative composting is to our waste reduction and wanted to provide greener options to her community.  

She began Rot Star Compost in 2021, lives in Media, PA, and rarely takes her trash out!

Lets talk trash!



Over 60% of landfill material is compostable


"As a family of four, we accumulated a large amount of trash each week and I decided to make a change.



We began implementing the 4 R's (in order of importance) to help reduce our household waste:

After using the 4R's, our household waste decreased by 60-70%. Without a doubt, the biggest and most effective game-changer in our trash reduction.... was composting!"

Here's why composting is better than landfills or incinerators

    When organic material is trapped under heavy weight with no oxygen to break down (like in landfills),

it goes into an anaerobic decomposition that releases methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. If your township sends your garbage to an incinerator, the byproduct releases large amounts of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and particulates into the atmosphere.


Compost is nutrient-rich humus derived from decayed organic material. It is packed with beneficial bacteria and fungi (microbes) to improve soil structure. 

Compost is a soil amendment used as a natural fertilizer to strengthen plants, deter pests and diseases, increase water retention, filter pollutants from entering our waterways, and so much more.

Here are more reasons why composting is so great!


So what can I compost?

  1. Refuse

  2. Reuse

  3. Rot

  4. Recycle

Easy composting starts HERE!

We pickup and remove your organics so you don't have to.

Watch my "A Day in the Life..."video,
recently made for my son's 2nd grade class.

The average American produces
4.5 pounds of trash a day



If everyone in the United States composted, it would be

equivalent to removing

7.8 MILLION cars from the road!

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