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Rot & Roll

Rot and Roll at Swarthmore Co-op


This program offers an easy and affordable composting option to local residents of Swarthmore, PA. and nearby neighborhoods. 


If you live in an apartment, have limited outdoor space, or are just too busy to compost at home, this program is for you!  Swarthmore Co-op, a long-time customer of Rot Star Compost, will host a drop-off location to all registered customers, starting August 8, 2023!   

Shop while your drop!  ...Talk about feeding two birds with one scone!

For $10/month, you have unlimited access to our drop off bin.  

  1. Purchase one of our 5gal. buckets at the Co-op and take it home to fill with organic materials

  2. Return filled bucket back to the store. Open the combination lock and carefully empty your bucket into provided bin!

  3. Jump for joy!  Our earth is cleaner because of you!

After registering, you will receive our Welcome email with more information and the combination code for the lock.  You will be billed monthly. 

* We highly recommend purchasing a bucket through the Co-op.  Our buckets are sturdy and come with a handle and a leak tight lid which keeps pests out!  

Rot & Roll Program at Swarthmore Co-op

Swarthmore Co-op. 341 Dartmouth Ave. Swarthmore, PA 19081  610-543-9805

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