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Here’s why composting is so great…


  • Decrease your household waste by over 50%!!


  • Redirect garbage from your trash collection, landfills/ incinerators minimizing GHGs from the atmosphere contributing to climate change. 

  • Become more discerning about the materials you use and how they decompose… Automatically guiding your future purchasing habits!!! 

  • Consumer purchases strongly influence businesses and their product production.

  • Composting makes food for our soil, regenerating it's ecosystem by adding nutrients and inviting microbes and insects to inhabit the pile,help breakdown the organics, aerate the materials, exchange moisture and nutrients and leave castings.

  • Finished compost has a full spectrum of nutrients, far superior than synthetic fertilizers. 

  • Compost boosts the health of your soil, essential for healthy gardens, plants and trees.

  • The more more nutrient rich your soil is, the more nutrients in your fruits and veggies, and the more healthier you and your family become! It's all in the soil health!

  • One teaspoon of healthy soil has over one billion bacteria in it. This bacteria is necessary for proper exchange of nutrients, aeration, and strong immunity against disease and pests.

  • Compost increases the amount of microbes in your soil which assist in sequestering carbon from the atmoshpere and into the ground during photosynthesis.

  • Compost boosts the plant growth which increases the production of oxygen.

  • Compost increases water retention in soils absorbing more rainwater and eliminating run-off and drought.

  • Compost assists in filtrating our water from any particules and polutants before entering our waterways. 

  • Compost enhances the soil "glues" which hold the soil together, avoiding erosion.

How to use compost

  • Lay 1-2 inches over your garden beds each Spring

  • Make garden beds with compost

  • Start flower and veggie seeds directly in compost

  • Lightly use on your indoor potted plants

  • Sprinkle over your lawn

Is composting for me?


Do you eat fruits and veggies?

     Well, then you're the perfect compost candidate!!!

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